Introduction: For over a decade, Brandon Andersen has been at the forefront of the content intelligence movement. As the CEO, Founder, and Chief Strategist of Ceralytics, a content intelligence platform, Brandon has dedicated his career to helping businesses better connect with their audiences. At Ceralytics, Brandon helps clients identify and evaluate the needs of their audiences through the use of content intelligence. Ceralytics taps into the science of content to help clients identify and predict the content topics and themes that provide the most value to their audiences. By adopting content intelligence, Brandon and the Ceralytics team have helped clients
As marketers, we know how important it is to understand our customers and reach them at just the right moment. We also know that consumers have more control of their digital environments than ever — and that they expect us to consistently make recommendations in line with their interests, personalities, and behaviors.1 So how can we regularly communicate in a relevant way with all of our customers? According to our new report on MIT Sloan Management Review, success starts with a strategy that’s backed by data. In the report, The Data-Driven Transformation, we speak with marketing leaders from Bayer, Tapestry
We have all been there. You spend time and money creating short-and-sweet content for your targeted audience; you drink copious cups of coffee and push out all other daily noise to give it your all. When your gem is complete, you click “publish.” But your content doesn’t seem to generate any leads. Even worse, it goes unnoticed. In short, “Winter is Coming” …but not for the House of Stark: for your business. The solution? Longer content. Research shows that 3,000+ word blog posts get more traffic. But if you’re anything like me, you often find yourself skimming through longer articles
Improving Optimization For publishers looking to up their optimization game and save a ton of time on ad placement, Google’s new Adsense auto ads (with machine learning capabilities) will give them something to get excited over. Google’s Adsense Auto Ads were launched in a limited beta last September and are now available for everyone. Adsense Auto Ads will use machine learning to make monetization and placement decisions on behalf of publishers. The developers have stated that the only thing publishers have to do is place one piece of code to all of their pages and Google will analyze those pages
Ask any marketer who is running digital ads about the metrics they look at to define campaign success. The responses will most likely include the number of leads or conversions, cost per acquisition, and CTR. You will never hear them discussing lead quality. The most common reason is the fact that they do not know how to quantify their lead quality. Here are some tips you may apply to quantify your lead quality: Returning customer or lead. If a lead is a duplicate in your CRM, can you really attribute it to your digital marketing campaign? Isn’t it a lost
By now we know that marketers are often storytellers, finding success in connecting with customers and prospects rather than directly selling to them. That type of messaging takes on a whole new meaning when we look to social media, since many platforms are literally set up for, well, stories. Snapchat first introduced Snapchat Stories in 2013, and since then we’ve witnessed the rise Instagram Stories, Medium Series, YouTube Reels, and more. As a marketer, you have choices in where you tell your brand’s stories. Taking a look at
When most people think about Millennials, they imagine a tech-savvy and knowledgeable demographic that is increasingly influential—which is why so many marketers believe that online channels offer the most effective way to convert Millennial leads and generate a desired ROI. The Millennial generation in the UK has swelled to more than 13.8 million members (the youngest of which will have recently turned 17). With such a large group to target, marketers need cost-effective marketing techniques with optimal reach, and digital channels seem to fit this brief to a tee. Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong
More than half of workers at corporations in the United States say their firm has at least one broken process related to IT, employee onboarding, and administrative functions, according to recent research from Nintex. The report was based on data from a survey of 1,000 full-time employees who work for corporations in the United States. Some 62% of respondents say at least one IT process doesn’t work well at their company. The most-cited broken IT processes are technology troubleshooting (59% say the process doesn’t work well), equipment onboarding for new hires (43%), and requesting a new computer/device (42%). Some 58%
Many elements of your content strategy may be reviewed and updated for the better. Identifying which elements to review and which to update is part of the process. Here are several content strategy elements that you may review in order to improve. Review And Redefine Your Target Audience Any level of personalized marketing is desirable within a content strategy, and even the most simple strategy has a target audience, even if the target audience is the result of the content-strategy’s direction rather than the content strategy being the result of the target audience. One assumes that your content strategy is
Forty8Fifty Labs and SoftwarePlant Partner to Enhance Project Management for Atlassian JIRA By News Release on February 22, 2018 Leave a Comment Atlassian Marketplace Vendors Collaborate to Extend Efficiency of Atlassian Environments    ATLANTA, Feb. 21, 2018 — Forty8Fifty Labs, the DevOps and software development subsidiary of Veristor Systems, today announced a partnership with SoftwarePlant, provider of advanced project portfolio management solutions for Atlassian JIRA. Both Atlassian Marketplacevendors, Forty8Fifty Labs and SoftwarePlant deliver solutions to enhance the agility, efficiency and value of Atlassian JIRA.   “By partnering with other advanced Atlassian ecosystem providers such as SoftwarePlant, we are enhancing the time to value for our