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PHP Developer, Lead Engineer, Remote Team Lead, Agile Team Lead, Technical Lead, Sr. Web Developer, Linux Full-Stack Dev for 8 years

IT Director, Product Manager, Channel Manager, Strategic Consultant, DevOps Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Sysadmin, Network Admin, and Technology Consultant for 10 years

Code samples at https://www.github.com/justinsmorganHHC


Software Engineer

Singlecomm Inc. – Remote, FL November 2017 to Present



SingleComm is a venture funded startup located in Richmond Virginia and New York City. We are building a SaaS platform that will change the way contact center businesses communicate with their customers. Businesses use our platform to make and take calls and other forms of communication, as well as to organize those interactions through dynamic scripting and workflows. Our platform is built to scale and uses dynamic real-time communication technologies including WebRTC.


As part of the product development team, developed modules for use across the SingleComm platform as well as client-specific modules that allow telephony, media and transaction data to be manipulated and delivered to platform clients and third parties. I built software that allows data to flow between systems and endpoints.

Developed back-end components, connected those applications to other (often 3rd party) web services, develop and integrate plugins for popular frameworks. Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with backend systems. Setup system with Babel Pollyfill to compile Typescript to Javascript on AWS. MEAN Stack, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Couch DB, Ansible, AngularJS, Amazon Web Services, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Serverless Deploy to AWS with Jenkins auto build of Github Branches


Lead Engineer DevOps

Digital Media Solutions Group – Remote, FL March 2016 to November 2017



Working with National Email Provider sending 12 million emails per day. Had Split duties between DevOps and 
full Development, corrected problems with sever and SMTP email sending and delivery using Power MTA a large commercial Mail package. Created new features and upgraded older code in a mixed environment mostly Linux PHP code base but also Windows machines and ASP code.

Managed a remote team of 5 developers. 2 senior 3 junior. Provided Code Review and Release to Production oversight for AWS architecture and design. Provided mentoring, managed JIRA Agile Development with Dual Track SCRUM model for Agile. Dual-Track Scrum is an agile organizational model that separates the effort to discover the best solution from the effort to deliver working software. It consists of two tracks of activity: discovery and delivery. The objective of the discovery track is to validate ideas quickly and efficiently, while the objective of the delivery track is to build, test and deploy production-ready code. Ideas are prototyped in the discovery track and the findings are fed into the delivery track. The discovery of delivery process continuously repeats throughout the product’s life.

Wrote system to automate complex setup for PMTA configuration file to generate IP/CDIR and matching domain names in 3000 line, 1k+ files in Power MTA setups. Setup Monitoring System and Bash/PHP scripts to create XML hooks for monitoring servers and mail flow/counts. Automated DNS into MySQL using PDNS for backend so that website, email servers were setup from start to finish automated. Had infrastructure on Amazon EC2, SQS Que, transactional email to local servers at multiple nationwide ISP providers as well, truly distributed environment. Worked with AS/BGP, IP routing, SSL and GRE tunneling between providers.

Programming with Full LAMP stack development with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 5.3.3 with Symfony 2, Ansible, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular.js, GitHub, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, CSS3, Sass, SQL, Linux, Windows, IIS, NGINX/ Tomcat, worked with PHPStorm IDE and Sublime Text Editor.


Senior PHP Developer

Healthy Home Company – Jacksonville, FL July 2014 to March 2016




Maintain Existing Code Base and Developed new features. Rackspace production servers, maintain custom PHP code base for websites and move code to CMS.

Directed a department of 9, 4 Backend Developers, 3 Front End and 2 Graphics Designers. Took CEO requested features from Concept to Wireframe then to Code and Deployment for Brig Hart. Brig Hart is the worlds #1 Network Marketer. Managed a Portfolio of websites and businesses with Subscription, Marketing Publication and Live Conference products.

  • Codeigniter Framework. PHP Programmer backend and frontend code.
  • Expert knowledge of PHP and other programming languages.
  • Expert with MySQL database design and optimization
  • Advanced experience with jQuery and similar technologies.
  • Familiarity with revision control software
 Experience with XHTML / CSS / HTML 5.
  • Able to troubleshoot when problems arise
    • Able to keep a high level of skills and knowledge
  • Established coding standards and development process
    • Working knowledge of Amazon Web Services AWS
    • Experience with agile development and short sprints
    • Understand projects from business, customer and technical perspectives
  • Working knowledge of APIs, JSON, and web services
  • Experience with MySQL and Apache and NGINX
    • Working knowledge of Git for version control
  • Experience with responsive design.
  • Able to work quickly without sacrificing quality.


Programming with Expression Engine 2.x Maria DB(MySQL). Full LAMP stack development with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP with Laravel, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular.js, GitHub, Bitbucket, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, CSS3, Sass, SQL, Unix, Linux, Windows, IIS, Apache/Tomcat, worked with PHPStorm IDE and Sublime Text Editor.



Full Stack PHP Developer

Ocenture LLC – Jacksonville, FL August 2009 to July 2014



Software Company on Inc 500 List as 1st fastest in growth for Florida Ocenture develops subscription-based products and services for third party marketing organizations in the affinity marketing and the direct selling industry. Ocenture offers products in 5 vertical market segments (technology, identity theft, travel, roadside assistance insurance). Responsible for all internal, development, and production resources. 10+ servers at Rackspace, 13+ at Amazon, 10+ local Windows, 5+ Linux RHEL and Centos. User, Developer and 24-7 uptime responsibilities for 100+ production websites.

  • Coded Perl and PHP scripts for backups and websites.
  • Coded WordPress based website www.ocenture.com
  • Maintained an up-to-date and optimized LAMP environment.
 Worked with Dev team to deploy and maintain a diverse web-based solution
  • Administered security for all internal and outsourced networks and solutions
  • Managed an internal server environment that hosts Development, QA, IT Ticketing, Network Attached Storage, in both Linux and Windows
  • Managed Rackspace and Amazon AMI Remote Servers
• Wrote, revised, and verified Network and Configuration documentation
  • Participated in a Change Management process that targets zero-defect results
  • Supported and maintained all hardware in both Windows and Linux configurations, Asterisk-based VOIP phone system and server.
  • Maintained existing code and debugged when necessary
    • Able to do responsive design and development
  • Developed full stack solutions


Sample products: identashield.com, itplease.com, roadsideautoclub.com

Knowledge and experience with all aspects of e-commerce from setting up and managing a server that can handle millions worth of transactions, to SSL management, to complex data architecture, SEO, shopping cart best practices, digital downloads

Programming with PHP Developer coding with Eclipse for PHP, Code Igniter, Expression Engine 2.x Maria DB(MySQL).

  • Full LAMP stack development with Linux, Apache, MySQL
 HTML, Flash, SOAP, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, XML, XSL, Apache, MySQL, Oracle, Access and OOAD (OOP)


Sr Systems Engineer

Beaver Street Fisheries Inc.- Jacksonville, FL December 2006 to August 2009


Seafood Importer and Exporter- 12th Largest in the U.S.
 Responsible for Day-to-Day operations of 650 million annually Seafood Importer,

Head of Department and Team Leader for 10 staff. Increased uptime from 80% to 99.8% in IT Department for full Datacenter with 24 Dell Servers, IBM Blade center, Layer 3 Cisco and Dell Switches 250 Windows XP Desktops and all Infrastructure equipment.
 Lead 10 I.T. Personnel with Project Managers, Programmers, Tech Support and phone hardware staff. I Managed Exchange, Antivirus, Firewall, Citrix, Domain Controllers, General Ledger and WMS Server Software Systems in a mixed environment of Windows, Unix, IBM AIX and Red Hat SUSE Linux platforms.

  • Implemented a full multi-year migration to new systems.
  • Custom NCR UNIX Warehouse Management System.
 Symantec NetBackup 6.0 to 6.5 Implementation and Management
  • Barracuda Spam Firewall Implemented resulting in 90% spam reduction.
  • Increased bandwidth, DNS Management, Website server maintenance.
  • Core member designing, supervising and enacting the H Chassis Blade center implementation and management of VMWare ESX, virtualization of Dell Servers.
  • Implemented Layer 3 Switching with Cisco 4948 Switches,
  • Headed a team to implement a full room Eaton Power ware UPS system. I was fully responsible for all fiber and fiber channel equipment architecture and design.

Technology Consultant

Database Automation, LLC. – Jacksonville, FL August 2002 to December 2006


  • Developed and Coded a SQL and server failover solution for Century Ambulance Service using Backup Restore and Transaction Log Shipping. Used Sure Sync to create live copies of files to a secondary server for Century Ambulance Service; the larger one of two Ambulance companies in Jacksonville. Inside the CSX Datacenter.
  • Strategic Consultant Brought onboard in pre-IPO stage internet company to consult on all phases of business development within a new software company. My responsibilities included Account Management, Marketing Strategy and Execution. Advised on proper Product Placement, Management, Support and scaling of services.


  • Database Architecture Development, Database Design, T-SQL Stored Procedure, Crystal Reports Development and Project Manager to Cincinnati Bell the Regional Bell for Cincinnati.
  • Jacksonville Business Journal, Handled all Macintosh print shops. Fortune 500 national subsidiary newspaper journal devoted to business. Implemented MS Office Editorial Controls.

Network Engineer, Product Manager and Channel Manager

Software602, Inc. – Jacksonville, FL February 1997 to October 2000

  • IT Director Brought onboard at the inception of the US branch of a European company that is the Czech equivalent to Microsoft, producing similar software from Word to MS SQL Server. To handle all aspects of network infrastructure design and implementation of US Branch.
  • Promoted to Product Manager and became responsible for the rollout of 4 software products. Designed methodologies for testing and implemented schedules.
 Drafted and coded website content consisting of product information, technical breakdowns, and white papers.
Edited and proofed Help Manuals for software products.
  • Promoted to Channel Manager and built up US and International Coverage of Computer Resellers and distributors for 7 Products ranging from SQL Server to MS Office Style, Word Excel Desktop software.
 Negotiated contracts with companies such as Merisel, Tech Data, Ingram Micro, Novell, Dell, HP, Compaq, AltaVista, Netscape, Sales and Automation Weekly, CRM Magazine, COMDEX, INVEX, setup terms and policies for these contracts.



BS in Computer Information Sciences

Charter University – Jacksonville, FL

June 1994 to November 2002

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