0-0x The Clean Architecture

0-0x The Clean Architecture

The Clean Architecture
What is the clean architecture and how you would build one in .NET? Recently Bob Martin has categorized a set of architectures, including hexagonal architecture, onion architecture and screaming architecture as ‘the clean architecture’ – a layered architecture of concentric circles with a strong emphasis on separation of concerns. This architecture has become popular because of its amenability to modification as an evolutionary architecture and its support for practices such as TDD.

In this presentation, we will discuss the clean architecture and its benefits. More than that, in the bulk of the presentation, we will show you how to implement a clean architecture in .NET. From first steps to working code, we will show you the moves required to embrace this approach, and introduce you to some of the OSS libraries that can help you get there. All examples will be in .NET Core.


Build Stuff 2018


Ian Cooper


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