0-0x Orinoco: The new V8 Garbage Collector

0-0x Orinoco: The new V8 Garbage Collector

Orinoco: The new V8 Garbage Collector
About three years ago we started to work on a new garbage collector for V8, codename Orinoco. Orinoco is a high-performance, low-latency, mostly parallel and concurrent garbage collector. Instead of developing Orinoco behind a flag, we changed the old V8 garbage collection codebase on the fly and landed its features incrementally to allow developers and users benefit immediately.

This talk will explain the main Orinoco features, its implementation challenges, and which classes of applications and programming patterns will benefit the most from the new garbage collection architecture.


NodeEU 2018


Peter Marshall


NearForm provided Coding Tech its permission to republish NodeEU videos.

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