0-0x Keep Betting on JavaScript

0-0x Keep Betting on JavaScript

Keep Betting on JavaScript
Brendan Eich’s famous quip, ‘Always Bet On JavaScript’, revels in JS’s history of naysayers predicting that we’d eventually reach a point where JS couldn’t grow to meet the demands of modern development; it turns out those have always been bad bets.
It’s safe to say JS is no longer trying to prove itself. It has arrived. Even if it was once a ‘dumb kid brother’ to something like Java, it’s now fully a first class citizen in the programming language ecosystem. JS is certainly not the only dominant language or the ‘best tool’ for every situation. But increasingly, most tech stacks have it as a central part of their strategy.

We’ll look forward at the bets we continue placing on JS and the web, by first looking back at how far we’ve come and what those steps looked like. From these lessons, we can gaze into the distance and see what the path ahead may look like.


JSCamp Barcelona 2018


Kyle Simpson


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