Re-building your Deployment Pipeline towards Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for more frequent and faster Live deployments.


Dynamically present relevant content on your website to your audience when they’re actively engaged. Dynamically present relevant content on your website to your audience when they’re engaged.


Do you have systems that you need to work together, but don’t? We can create a custom solution for you to have your stack do what YOU want it to.

A few things we’re great at

Build smarter campaigns, faster with marketing automation that’s quick to learn, simple to use and easy to iterate.


Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudFront, CloudFormation, S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon ELB, Amazon Auto Scaling, Amazon VPC, Route53, Amazon ECS, Beanstalk, Lambda, AWS Code Deploy, etc. Building WordPress hosting environments highly available and scalable in AWS / DigitalOcean / Google Cloud / Azure.


On-premises → Cloud migrations IaaS → PaaS migrations Software Cloud Compatibility Cloud Cost Optimization Cloud Agnostic Solutions Mobile apps  / WordPress / AWS LAMP / Cpanel / Laravel.


Vulnerability Assessments, Hardening servers, security audits, Penetration testing, Virus / Malware / Threats / Vulnerabilities countermeasures, web security, fail2ban, Tripwire-AIDE-OSSEC, mod_security, mod_evasive, Denial of Services (DDOS) countermeasures, Firewalls (iptables, CSF, and apf)


Passionate to Automate Infrastructure as Code. Tools to perform my pipelines: Terraform / Docker, AWS ECS, Ansible, Chef, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Vagrant. For Continuous Integration and Delivery: Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, AWS Code Deploy, AWS CodeCommit, AWS ECS and Webhooks.


Improve WordPress performance, design a cloud hosting with complex services using WordPress, WordPress multisite, WordPress + woocommerce, WordPress with NGINX/ varnish, integration with CloudFlare CDN, Memcached/Redis, Amazon S3, etc etc. Build an entire HOSTING environment from design, implementation and maintenance and if needed Automated With Docker and Ansible.


Website Speed Optimization  – For WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal and PHP applications landing pages with high SEO campaigns to E-commerce applications with complex scalability. Boost and Improve Loading time with sophisticated strategies such as CloudFlare CDN, Distribute requests, Reduce Pagesize, JavaScript, and CSS, Image compression, switch from Apache to NGINX and Caching.


DevOps for Database

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Was a pleasure to work with. Once I explained what was needed quickly went to work and delivered exactly what was requested. We will definitely continue to use for future work.

Joshua C.Brian

Sales Funnels that Convert

Extremely skilled consultant. He has broad knowledge of Docker and scalable docker deployment. He’s also very friendly and easy to talk to about broad technical concepts.

Melissa P.

Bold Copy

Excellent contractor. Skilled and does tasks in a timely manner.Excellent contractor. We gavel a very challenging task, and he was very tenacious and persistent in working to success.

Daniel F.


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